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Kids Stuff

Costumes welcomed & encouraged!!

Thanks to super moms Jesse and Leashya for their help.

Activities We're Providing:

  • Make a seed bomb

  • Make a bird feeder 

  • Paint a pot

  • Make a pumpkin planter

  • Take a pumpkin

  • Story time with Jesse

  • Help us in the garden

  • Bean bag toss

  • Frisbee golf

On Site:

  • Young child's playground

  • Small lawn for games

  • Water & paper towels

  • Clean bathrooms (all ages)

  • Picnic tables 

  • Chairs & indoor facilities

  • Lots of shade, lots of sun 

  • Live music: during lunch 

  • Live music: 4-8pm

*Please bring your own water bottles and refillable coffee cups. We'll have hot coffee, cool water, dry towels, a hand-washing station, and more, on site for everyone.


*Please note: We are unable to provide child care. We are instead providing activities for young children to enjoy. All children must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian while on site. Thank you.

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