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12pm to 2:30pm

at "The G.I.F.T."

a community space for nature

2200 Justin Lane, Austin, TX. 78757

"Grow. Inspire. Feed. Teach."

presented by biointegrity and
episcopal church of the resurrection

Class #2

Bring wildlife & native beauty, back.

University professor turned international conservation advocate, Rebeca Quiñonez-Piñón, Ph.D., is strategist for Monarch Recovery, and director of the Climate-Resilient Habitats program, for National Wildlife Federation (NWF). In this lecture, she introduces NWF's venerated Sacred Grounds program to the Austin, TX area. All are welcome.

What is "Sacred Grounds"? 
Sacred Grounds is a volunteer program from NWF for congregations with landscape property of nearly any size. In it, teams set aside designated areas for native "rewilding" and/or native plant gardens, for the long term. Certified participants are recognized for linking environmental care with their faith practices. Learn more.

People are Called to Care.

Every religious tradition calls on its followers to be good stewards of the Creation. Rebeca will tell us how to participate in the Sacred Grounds program. She'll also inspire your creativity and lead us on a walk and talk of the 4-acre campus at our site.


Bring your questions! 
Dr. Quiñonez-Piñón is an accredited forest ecologist and PhD geospatial scientist. She will happily take questions and share from her wealth of knowledge and experience. And, by the way, this will be fun. We'll have hot coffee, craft beer and fresh tacos. No cost. Free parking. Clean bathrooms. RSVP here, if you like (not required). This event is "for anyone in love with living."

Thanks everyone, excellent workshop!


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We're excited about our upcoming sessions.

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MAR. 15, 16 & 17: Meaningful Dialogue

Author and Rev. Jimi Calhoun is one of the most important musicians in pop music history, first. He played on numerous classics in the 60s and 70s and was a formative bass player in Funk. In his 30s, he shifted into ministry and has since worked with Brian McLaren, ministered internationally with his wife, Rev. Julaine Calhoun, and pioneered efforts to bring worship to the disabled. He's also written extensively on de-racializing Christianity and his life making music history. This event celebrates the release of Mr. Calhoun's fifth book, Border Dance, and yes - will include some funky music. 

See what we have planned.

Visit Jimi's website.

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APRIL 14: Called to CARE

Called to CARE, w/ host Erin Walter. Caring-well for "thy" self and others is at the core of every religious and health insight. Yet today's media, politics, and more push us the other way. What can we actually learn from caring more for each other? How far can we go together? This series explores Care as identity from various religious and spiritual-practice perspectives. In this session we'll explore social justice issues as well. Rev. Erin Walter is exec. dir. at TXUUJustice Ministry and one of Austin's favorite punk rock artists. We'll gather a panel and invite the audience to talk about de-polarization and moving into an era of cross-cultural connecting, envisioning and enacting the resolutions we all need to grow a better future. When in troubled times CARE is what's most needed. Let's talk about what that means to each of us.

See last year's event.

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