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Mr. Kirby Fry

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our garden

Howdy :)

We are so excited to share our garden with you.

We'll be planting & harvesting 8am-10am,

And enjoying a free class with Kirby Fry, 10am-12noon.

Participate as you are able. Dress for garden success. 
See you Saturday, Oct. 29!

About Kirby Fry

Kirby has been teaching and practicing permaculture ("permanent agriculture") in Central Texas for more than 30 years, including raising his family off-grid, and is a local legend as such. Among many contributions locally, he has been instrumental in the growth of Austin's regenerative gardening community and the City of Austin's graywater program. He is a full-time natural builder, maximizing structure and landscape quality in our Central TX bio-region and climate. 

About the class

Kirby will teach a one-hour "Intro to Permaculture landscaping and gardening." We will also walk the site with him and discuss our vision for growing food organically, restoring local biodiversity, and cooling the landscape with trees. Gardening activites are in the garden, 8am-10amish. The class will be indoors, to minimize distractions, 10amish-noonish.

More Kirby

Kirby has studied under Bill Mollison, "the father of permaculture", and Allan Savory. He graduated from Texas A & M with a degree in Natural Resource Conservation, served in the US Peace Corps, has been teaching and creating sustainable design systems for +30 years in Central Texas via his company Southern Exposure, and has led dozens to 100s of permaculture and sustainable-design installations here. We're thrilled to have Kirby as our inaugural GIFT Garden Series teacher. Hope you'll join us.

GIFT Garden

Photos on IG and on Fb.

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