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Sunday, Jan. 14

12pm to 2:30pm

at "The G.I.F.T."

a community space for nature

"Grow. Inspire. Feed. Teach."

presented by biointegrity

Watch: Part 1

Class #1

Learn from one of TX's best.

With more than 20-years teaching and partnering experience, Kirby Fry is Central Texas' undisputed, most renown Permaculture instructor. In this 2.5 hour relaxed session, Kirby will give a crash course in applicable Permaculture and take us on a "walk & teach" of the 4-acre property at our site. All questions & people welcome. 

Permaculture = Productivity.
Kirby's talk will focus on aligning with Nature to eliminate material waste and optimize soil quality, fire prevention, natural beauty, food production, and natural carbon storage on landscapes and in gardens. 

What is "carbon gardening"? 
Carbon gardening is about making landscapes, yards and gardens as life-rich and biodiverse as possible, year round. Anyone can do it. How? Primarily through tree care, moisture retention, natural soil enrichment, and letting things grow (the bigger the better). The goal is to accrue evermore carbon into soil and vegetation. Kirby will tell you a lot more. 

Bring your questions! 
Mr. Fry, also a natural builder, will share from his wealth of knowledge, know how and international experience. And, this will be fun. We'll have good coffee, craft beer and tacos. This event is 'for anyone in love with living.' No cost. Free parking. Clean bathrooms on site. RSVP here, if you like (not required). 

Mr. Fry is an avid promoter of

Watch: Part 2

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Thanks everybody, it really was fun.

And so was our workday: Sunday, January 28!


the final product


We reconditioned & replanted 15 garden beds in 3 hours. . . WOW, 
Thanks, gang!


See you at the next one!

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